In attendance: Lea, Chrissy, Laura, Jake, Jim Yoder, Katie

@MIT: Gabi, Eesh

Absent: Nathan, Kevin

  • Jim: Parking
    1. Lots of cars at Oyster Pond (44 cars??) for only 28 spots.
    2. Possible way to distribute spots: incoming JP students get the first few, and the rest are distributed between SSFs and current JP students.
    3. Past policy was that SSFs have priority on the grocery store shuttle, so we need to make sure that first year students have access to the store too
    4. Another possibility: special pass for parking at OP that can get passed around
    5. Can we prioritize people who are there more often? For example, someone who is there all days has higher priority than someone there twice a week?
    6. Pass per OP house that gets shared
    7. Repaint the lines on the parking lot? Currently willy nilly* parking.
    8. What will happen to guests or to people who don’t have the sticker? Will cars get towed?
      1. Jim will take our ideas into consideration and will come back to a meeting in the summer to reassess.
  • Jim: Policy on consensual relations
    1. There is a relatively new HR staff member that is implementing a few new policies, including this policy on consensual relations
    2. 3 options: have no policy, have one similar to what got sent out to reps (everyone treated equally, relationships between supervisor-supervisee need to get reported), another option is excluding students (aka staff can’t date students)
    3. Another idea would be a code of conduct that would include graduate students (ie remember that your responsibility is to mentor/help/give science to grad students, not date them)
    4. Reps will ask for feedback and share it with Jim anonymously. Gabi will send the form to everyone.
  • Lea: Steinbach Scholar bio sketches, talk titles and scheduling. Let’s get moving it’s mid-May! It is crunch time!! Need to reserve rooms and even the lawn.
    1. Geo (Nathan) - absent
    2. AOPE (Katie) - June 12-14th. first one! department seminar is scheduled (special seminar). Bio is going to help them with setup and hosting, in particular, the BBQ!
    3. Chem (Kevin) - absent
  • Laura: Letter of Congratulations and Welcome for new Vice Chancellor Ian Waitz
    1. Laura will draft, but would like comments about what to emphasize in the body of the letter beyond just a welcome and a congratulations on the appointment
    2. Laura has the letter that was sent to Dean Ortiz in 2016 and can also use this as an example of what content to provide
  • Jake: Social Hours?
    1. Pretty low attendance, missing all of the commuting students
    2. Should we keep doing social hours with minimal attendance? Don’t want to waste food
    3. We will wait until summer begins to run some high volume social hours
  • Eesh: Coordinating move from Tang to Sidpac
    1. Need help May 31st
    2. Will move out of Tang 31st, into Sidpac on June 1st
  • Jake: Kayak update
    1. Emailed Sebastian about the kayaks, they are outside already and he is happy to still be Kayak Czar
    2. Send out waiver forms again
  • Welcome lunch for new students, for incoming class (sea cucumbers?) to meet all of the JP
    1. Need to pick a date
    2. Don’t want to overload new students with all the free food and fun
    3. Needs to be after the retreat (last student comes 7/14, retreat is 7/10 - 7/11).
    4. APO is doing a welcome lunch on 7/24
    5. Weekday will conflict with softball, so would need to go somewhere else
    6. Let’s do July 14th! Looking at Redfield lawn, 4 PM. Go big or go home. Plan in tandem with first-years (starfish). Open to all students.
    7. Eesh will send an email to starfish + jellyfish to help plan for sea cucumbers arrival
  • Gabi will come up with a plan for a diversity event and have it ready for our next meeting